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Autor Ckelar: Daniel Díaz Otros autores: Martyn Unsworth; Matthew J. Comeau; Heinrich Brasse; Benjamin Heit; Alicia Favetto; Cristina Pomposiello; Hernan Barcelona; Giselle Peri y Faustino Ticona. Revista científica: Geosphere Abstract The Central […]

Autores Ckelar: Felipe Aguilera, Susana Layana, Manuel Inostroza Otros autores: Lun Ai, Thomas R. Walter, René Mania, Christian Kujawa, Martin Zimmer Revista científica: Volcanology and Geothermal Research Abstract Details of […]

Autor Ckelar: Joseline Tapia Otros autores: Jesica Murray, Silvina Guzmán y Kirk Nordstrom. Revista científica: Chemical Geology Abstract Volcanic rocks are a common, worldwide source of geogenic arsenic (As) that can affect […]

Autores Ckelar: Daniel Díaz, Luis E. Lara Otros autores: Maximiliano Pavez, Heinrich Brasse, Gerhard Kapinos, Eva Schill Revista científica: Volcanology and Geothermal Research Abstract The active volcanic arc of the Andes is controlled by […]

Autores Ckelar: Susana Layana, Felipe Aguilera, Manuel Inostroza y Cristóbal González.Otros autores: Franco Tassi, Thomas Charles Wilkes, Stefan Bredemeyer, Tom Pering y Andrew McGonigle. Revista científica: Frontiers in Earth Science. Abstract One […]

Autores Ckelar: Felipe Aguilera, Susana Layana y Mauricio Aguilera.Otros autores: Thomas Charles Wilkes, Tom David Pering, Patricia Nadeau, Christoph Kern, Andrew John Samuel, McGonigle, y Chengxi Zhu. Revista científica: Frontiers in Earth […]

Autores Ckelar: Pablo Salazar, Susana Layana y Franz Yupanqui.Otros autores: Claudio Meneses y Gonzalo Yáñez. Revista científica: Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences Abstract This study was aimed to build […]

Autor Ckelar: Felipe Aguilera Otros autores: Pablo Grosse, Silvina Guzmán, Gary Michelfelder, Marco Taussi Revista científica: Frontiers in Earth Science This Research Topic was born out of the 1st Symposium […]

Autor Ckelar: Joseline Tapia.Otros autores: Abhijit Mukherjee, María Pía Rodríguez, Jesica Murray y Prosun Bhattacharya.Revista científica: Environmental Pollution. Abstract Globally, arsenic (As) contamination is widespread in hydrological systems and the link between As enrichment and regional tectonic and climatic […]

Autores Ckelar: Daniel Díaz.Otros autores: Maximiliano Pavez, Heinrich Brasse, Gerhard Kapinos, Ingmar Budach, Valentín Goldberg Diego Morata y Eva Schill. Revista científica: Remote Sensing. Abstract The geoelectric properties of the […]