Autor Ckelar: Luis Lara.
Otros autores: Katy J. Chamberlain, Daniel J. Morgan, Richard Walshaw, Joe Gardner, Simon Chenery, Ian L. Millar & Doris Wagner.
Revista científicaBulletin of Volcanology


The Southern Volcanic Zone (SVZ) in Chile is an active continental arc with a complex history of volcanism, where a range of magmatic compositions have been erupted in a variety of styles. In the Central SVZ, both monogenetic and polygenetic volcanoes exist, in close proximity to the Liquiñe-Ofqui Fault System (LOFS), but with variable local stress states. Previous studies have inferred varying crustal storage timescales, controlled by the orientation of volcanic centres relative to the N-S striking LOFS and σHMax in this region. To assess the relationship between volcanism and crustal stress states affected by large-scale tectonic structures and edifice controls, we present whole rock geochemical data, to ensure consistency in source dynamics and crustal processing, mineral-specific compositional data, thermobarometry, and Fe–Mg diffusion modelling in olivine crystals from mafic lavas, to assess ascent timescales, from the stratovolcanic edifice of Puyehue-Cordón Caulle and proximal small eruptive centres. Textural observations highlight differences in crystal maturation timescales between centres in inferred compression, transpression, and extension, yet source melting dynamics remain constant. Only samples from the stratovolcanic edifice (in regional compression) preserve extensive zonation in olivine macrocrysts; these textures are generally absent from proximal small eruptive centres in transtension or extension. The zonation in olivines from stratovolcanic lavas yields timescales on the order of a few days to a few weeks, suggesting that even in environments which inhibit ascent, timescales between unrest and eruption of mafic magmas may be short. Significantly, high-resolution compositional profiles from olivine grains in the studied samples record evidence for post-eruptive growth and diffusion, highlighting the importance of careful interpretation of diffusion timescales from zoned minerals in more slowly cooled lavas when compared with tephra samples.

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